Organic Mattresses

Locally Manufactured Since 2007

Welcome to The Natural Mattress Store. 

We are a family owned bay area company dedicated to providing you with the best quality organic mattress, which will give you your best night's sleep ever. We manufacture the Eco-Cloud brand of organic mattresses in Novato, CA and sell them at affordable factory direct prices in our six San Francisco bay area stores located in San Rafael, Rohnert Park, Palo Alto, Walnut Creek, San Francisco and Los Gatos. We offer local delivery and removal of your old mattress and also ship nationwide with either curbside or White Glove service. There are over 30 different organic mattresses in the Eco-Cloud collection. They are made with finest quality certified organic cotton, certified organic wool fiber and all natural latex. There are no fire retardant chemicals and no polyurethane foam in any of our mattresses. This assures you that you will not be breathing any potentially harmful fumes while you are asleep.

Eco-Cloud organic mattresses feature removable zipper covers. This allows you to easily take the cover panel off your mattress so that you can air it out on a sunny day if you wish, and also allows us to change the firmness of your mattress after you have received it You have up to three months to test the mattress and have any firmness adjustment necessary done in your home.

Latex is natural foam rubber and like a rubber ball comes back to your hand when you bounce it, the latex in your mattress will keep its shape for many years without the typical body impression so prevalent in conventional mattresses padded with polyurethane foam. Latex is naturally uninhabitable for dust mites. This will be a relief for allergy sufferers due to the diminished amount of dustmite excretions over the life of the mattress.

The organic wool batting in our covers gives you additional airflow and the benefit of wool's temperature regulating properties. It is cool in the summer and cozy in the winter. It also gives the mattress a luxurious soft surface feel.

The Natural Mattress Stores have a pressure free relaxing ambiance. You can take your time and choose from the largest selection of organic mattresses anywhere. Choose from latex padded innerspring organic mattresses or all latex. Most Eco-Clouds can be made in dual firmness for couples who don’t wish to compromise. We can also make a custom size organic mattress for your boat or motor home.

Our materials are selected for breatheability, isolation of motion, long life, proper back support, absence of potentially harmful fire retardant chemicals and your general well being. When you sleep on an Eco-Cloud organic mattress you will experience peace of mind and body. Once you discover that this kind of mattress is available why would you want anything else?