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We are a father and son team with over 40 years of combined experience in the mattress industry. Before we opened The Natural Mattress Store we sold thousands of conventional mattresses working for the major chain stores, but not without misgivings. We've talked to thousands of people about their back pain, difficulty sleeping and dissatisfaction with their old mattresses. At times we have also talked to them about their dissatisfaction with their new mattress that we had sold them. This evolved into an ethical dilemma. We were sleeping on natural mattresses at home that we had made for us to our designs.

We slept great and then had to go to work and sell products we knew to be inferior. The big name brand mattresses just did not perform as expected. Hard feeling mattresses made our customers toss and turn and wake up with sore shoulders and hips. Pillowtops developed hill and valleys faster than you can flip a pancake. Some of the mattresses came with a chemical smell that lingered for weeks. Will became chemically sensitive to fumes in the store he worked in and finally quit because it was unbearable.
natural mattress store
I have always been a health conscious person who avoids preservatives and unnatural additives in my diet. How could I consider sleeping on synthetic petroleum based materials? After the first few months we joined the mattress industry it occurred to me that I needed a new mattress. Since there were no natural mattresses available commercially then, I refused to compromise and realized that I would have to create my own mattress. I sourced some of the materials I needed from the manufacturers the company I worked for dealt with. From one I got a couple sheets of latex and from another I got some cotton batting and from a third I got a pocketed coil innerspring. I searched an found a supplier for wool battingorganic wool mattress topper and bought a couple Fox Fiber unbleached natural cotton flat sheets for the top and bottom panels. I obtained some interesting woven cotton fabric from an upholsterer and took it all to a small mattress factory and had it assembled to my specifications.

Bingo! Mattress Heaven. I could not believe how great that mattress felt compared to the products my company was selling. It was so good that I arranged to show it to the Vice President of the company and offered to have it made for them. He commended me for my efforts, but did not think that he could sell enough of them to make it worthwhile. This was about 20 years ago.

Fourteen years passed and I felt that it was time for a fresh new mattress. I was with a new company that was riding the wave of high end bedding with queen sets listing for up to $11,000. Once again I was faced with the same dilemma. However, this time although there were more choices available, but surprisingly nothing better than what I already had.

By now there were several small companies selling "organic mattresses" on the internet. They usually offered two or three choices of firmness. The problem was that I would have to buy one and hope that it felt right when it arrived. In my day job there were 70 choices and I had them all rated for firmness on a very precise one to ten scale and in some cases differentiating one from another down to a half or even a quarter of a point. A description on the internet of soft, firm and extra firm was simply not good enough for me.
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I realized that the time had come to make some mattresses. The result is our attempt to create the finest quality organic mattresses and to offer the widest selection of "feels" possible with factory direct pricing.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Natural Mattress Store presents Eco-Cloud! This is a labor of love and we would like to share it with you.

Best wishes from your Natural Mattress Comfortologists,

Steve & Will Shore